Senior Health Economics Manager – Big Pharma

Ben was very helpful in finding good candidates in a short timespan for our team. He was proactive and provided timely support throughout the recruitment process and beyond with follow-up. Highly recommended.

- Senior Health Economics Manager – Big Pharma

Senior Manager HEOR – Consulting, UK

Ben was very helpful in providing us with great candidates in a short time-span. He took enough time to listen to exactly what we need, and subsequently delivered top notch candidates. Strong recommendation!

- Senior Manager HEOR – Consulting, UK

Partner – Life Science, UK

Ben and his Apsida team have been total rock-stars in helping me build a global market access practice recently here in Europe. I thoroughly recommend talking to him about your needs in this competitive market place.

- Partner – Life Science, UK

Consultant – Commercial Strategy

'Ben is an absolute legend of recruiting. He is extremely considerate and very involved, without being pushy. After a pleasant intake, he spent a lot of time and effort finding me a job that matches me perfectly, as well as preparing me for interviews. Truly one of the best out there.'

- Consultant – Commercial Strategy

Freelance CRA – Small CRO

I would highly recommend William and the Apsida team. William contacted me for a Freelance CRA position which he then took the time to thoroughly explain to me and qualify my experience against the clients requirements. He is also a very kind and considerate person who wants to help you find the right role for you. There were some hurdles to overcome throughout the process which were by no means simple, yet William acted swiftly and professionally whilst keeping me updated with the situation and assisting with every step. I would therefore HIGHLY recommend William for his work in the Clinical space and wish him huge success in his progress at work as he deserves all the best!

- Freelance CRA – Small CRO

Freelance CRA – Denmark

'I was contacted by William at Apsida in regards to a new role. He was quick on returning to me after my initial acceptance and within 24 hrs had booked me an interview. Things sped hereafter up and the job was secured. William is always open, friendly and easy to talk with. Always fast on returning a mail or IM. I can say that over the years only a handful of recruiters have been so dedicated on securing a job for me. Thank you William, I hope to do more business with you in the future.'

- Freelance CRA – Denmark

Senior Director, Clinical R&D – Pharma

'Thank you kindly for the support during the search for the Senior CRA position. We were fortunate to have your support in finding the perfect candidate for this position. She is doing great and is an important contributor to our team. We had discussed in advance how I view our team and what expectations I have from the potential candidates. Your proposal of candidates seemed to reflect the content of our conversation. I am certain that we will go for your support also in the future when the next opening will come up. Wishing you best of luck with the next steps.'

- Senior Director, Clinical R&D – Pharma

Senior Director Clinical Operations – Pharma

'Apsida have been doing a great job helping me to find a new job. Knowing what I was looking for, they have been proactively contacting their clients and when a position came up they were very active, always following through, before and after interviews. I can only recommend them to anyone looking for a new job (and I have done so already).'

- Senior Director Clinical Operations – Pharma

Associate Director, HR EMEA & Americas – Biotech

'Last year we started to collaborate with Apsida for some key open positions we had at XXX. As we are a small team, we are extremely cautious on choosing the right person to work for us and the was highly understood by the team. The communication with them has been a key for them to understand our needs and even more importantly our culture. They did a great job here and helped to become a permanent partner with us. I really enjoyed working with them.'

- Associate Director, HR EMEA & Americas – Biotech

Senior Medical Advisor – Pharma

'I highly recommend Apsida as a professional, diligent and extremely competent recruitment company. The team is very efficient, friendly, approachable and helpful. I appreciated their quick response and prompt follow-up on specific requests. Many thanks for that!'

- Senior Medical Advisor – Pharma

Head of Regulatory Affairs – Pharma

'It has been a true pleasure working with Apsida in securing a highly desirable Regulatory position in a renowned company. The team is tentative to the need of all parties. They followed through action steps required, and were very proactive in their approach. I look forward to continuing the productive collaborations with them in the future recruitment initiatives.'

- Head of Regulatory Affairs – Pharma

RAQA Director – Pharma

'Apsida are a very impressive company to work with. They follow really closely with both the recruiter side and the job seeker side to ensure a good match. The close follow up and confirming and re-confirming the requirements have really played an essential role in the success of the recruitment.'

- RAQA Director – Pharma

Regulatory Affairs Director – Pharma

'Apsida pro-actively approached me to discuss a potential next move. They took the time to understand what my motivations are and where I wanted to develop in the future. The team followed through the action steps required, and were very proactive in their approach. They are professional and dedicated to obtaining the best results for their clients, very knowledgeable and with a great personality. Furthermore, the communication between all parties was always speedy and efficient.'

- Regulatory Affairs Director – Pharma

Patient Recruitment Coordinator – Consultancy

'Apsida's clinical team are highly professional and expert in recruiting people in clinical research industry. They are very responsive and pro efficient in their role and also very supportive. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for great career progression opportunities within the clinical research as they find you the perfect match for your skills and experience.'

- Patient Recruitment Coordinator – Consultancy

Lead CRA – Spain

'It is my pleasure to provide this recommendation for the Apsida team as they promoted my candidacy as Lead Clinical Research Associate within a very important and international Biotechnology company. They supported me to find out a job which fits totally with my expectations. Hence I would like to emphasise their professionalism as Clinical recruiters and thank them for helping me to keep growing from a personal/professional point of view.'

- Lead CRA – Spain

Patient Recruitment Specialist – UK

'Apsida played a key role in helping me secure my new role. They took the time to understand where I am and where I wanted to go with my next role and which areas of the industry excited and motivated me. I have them to thank for getting my application through the door; their enthusiasm for getting my application noticed and in ensuring that communication between all parties was never anything but first rate. I can highly recommend Apsida as an extremely effective and focused recruiter.'

- Patient Recruitment Specialist – UK


'It was a great pleasure working with Apsida on a role I am about to take on. They took the time to understand where I wanted to go with my next role and invested a lot of his time to choose the best matching position for me. The Clinical team offered exceptional support throughout the interview process. I strongly recommend them as an extremely effective, transparent and committed recruiter.'

- CPM – UK

CRA – Eastern Europe

'I was very fortunate to be contacted by Apsida. The Clinical team did an excellent job helping me to find and apply for my current position. They are truly dedicated and hard-working professionals. They were always making sure that everything went well during all steps of the interview process. Besides the fact that they were always extremely professional, they made feel very comfortable all the time and helped me to find a perfect job. Thank you!'

- CRA – Eastern Europe

Senior Consultant – Systematic review

'I received excellent support from the Apsida team during my recent career move. They were very helpful in facilitating communication with my new company and made sure I was aware of what to expect before each next step. They were patient throughout, listening to my expectations and making sure I get into role that matched my strengths and skills. I would highly recommend Apsida. Thanks again'

- Senior Consultant – Systematic review

Lead Consultant – Consulting

'I deeply enjoyed my interaction with Apsida. They only presented roles that were relevant to me and were very supportive throughout the application process, without overstepping or pushing for too frequent communications. It was the right amount of support and I would recommend it to other professionals looking for a next step.'

- Lead Consultant – Consulting

Client services lead – USA

Apsida are amazing! They were integral in securing my recent career move with the desired salary and timeline. I am grateful for their support before, during and after the hiring process. They are very thorough and actively listen. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for their next career move!

- Client services lead – USA

Business Economic Lead – Consulting

Apsida have been an outstanding company to work with. Their recommendations and thought leadership have really influenced communication methods. I observed their top class negotiation and professional standards which created several opportunities at a very difficult economic period. 

- Business Economic Lead – Consulting

Partner – Life Science Consulting

Apsida recently helped me move company. They provided a top quality, extremely professional service characterised by high responsiveness and diligence. The entire job move experience was made as seamless, and stress-free as possible.

- Partner – Life Science Consulting

Research Manager – Agency

The Apsida team were wonderful in helping me secure my next role. I was initially hesitant to new opportunities but they worked with me to understand what I enjoyed and didn't enjoy from my role at the time and helped me find one which better aligned to this. 4 months on and I couldn't be happier in that role! The team were always there at every step of recruitment and at no point did it feel like they were pushing me into anything I didn't want. They were real partners in the process and a pleasure to collaborate with. Thank you!

- Research Manager – Agency