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    At Apsida, we are passionate about supporting causes that are close to us as individuals. Charity and fundraising are a core part of our culture, and we always encourage our team to go above and beyond for causes that they care about. Movember honours and raises awareness of men’s mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. 

    Suicide is the biggest cause of death in men under the age of 50, and around three-quarters of deaths from suicides each year are men. There are around 12,000 deaths from prostate cancer every year, and despite incredible research and modern medicine saving the lives of many, more awareness needs to be raised for men’s physical and mental health.

    Why do we support Movember?

    We’re proud to say that we’ve supported Movember since Apsida’s inception, 4 years ago! It was originally started by one of our Co-Founders, Jamie Salmon and since then, other senior leaders have become inspired and involved in Movember, making it an annual effort across the whole business!

    Most employees at Apsida have some connection to Movember. Whether it’s personal or the loss of a loved one, it’s an initiative we take seriously and deeply care about. 

    “We’re incredibly proud to be supporting the Movember movement for the fourth year running. What started out as us growing out ‘tashes has now evolved into much bigger initiatives including our very own Bake-Off! This year we plan to go even bigger to help raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues.

    We’ve chosen Movember as a key campaign as it aligns with our core business values and encourages men to talk more openly about their health, both physical and mental. By supporting Movember, we can actively contribute to breaking the stigma surrounding men’s mental health issues and create a supportive environment where men feel encouraged to seek help when they need it.

    Over the years, our approach to men’s mental health has evolved significantly. For a long time, there was a misconception that men should always appear strong which led to a lot of male employees avoiding open conversations about their mental or physical well-being. Through our responsibility as Apsida’s Co-Founders, as well as our involvement with Movember, we’ve come to realise the importance of fostering an open culture and encouraging empathy, understanding, and acceptance.

    We understand that mental health challenges can affect anyone, regardless of gender, and it’s crucial to offer a safe space where men can express their feelings without judgment. By promoting awareness, education, and access to mental health support, we aim to create an environment where every individual feels valued and supported.

    As we continue our journey with Movember, we are committed to raising awareness about men’s health issues and advocating for mental health support.”

    Michael, Jamie and Ben | Co-Founders & Directors

    Movember’s origin story

    20 years later, and Movember is still going strong!

    What have we done so far?

    Our first two years of supporting the Movember movement were considered “introductory”, as we were still fairly boutique at the time. We grew moustaches and had smaller fundraisers, but in year three, Movember became an annual initiative for us across the whole business.

    Last year we were proud to raise £2,000 during Movember, and we’re hoping to hit the £3,000 mark this year. From bake sales, to growing moustaches, to fun runs and office dress-down days, we’ve decided to amplify our efforts in year four to hit our new and improved target!

    You can access our fundraising page here.


    Will Penticost – Business Manager

    Why do you support Movember?

    “I’ve always supported Movember for several reasons; however, this year I’m specifically supporting Movember for my wife’s Grandfather, who passed away in early 2023 from Prostate Cancer.

    When we were supporting Movember last year, I had blue hair and a pink ‘tash – which he had the pleasure of seeing when I visited him in the hospice! He had a huge smile on his face which I’ll always remember. This year, I’m focusing on raising as much money as I can in his memory.

    How has your approach/thoughts on mental health (for men specifically) changed over the years?

    My approach has changed a lot. I think it’s difficult to put mental health into a specific box as it’s unique to everybody. Addiction, eating disorders, anxiety, depression – all of these are within the mental health umbrella but affect each of us so differently. I’ve learned over the years that everybody has mental health issues, and that there isn’t a specific “cure” to make us all feel better. I still think there are a lot of misconceptions about what mental health is generally, so I try to raise as much awareness as possible whilst also broadening my own understanding of it. 

    It’s definitely a work in progress but working within an environment that encourages open conversation makes a huge difference. I think a lot of men struggle to open up about health in general, whether this is physical or mental. It’s a societal construct and unlearning these behaviours takes time.”

    Ben Simons – Academy Manager

    Why do you support Movember? 

    “This year, Movember holds a deeper significance for me. In 2022, my dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, sending shockwaves through our family. It was a turbulent time, filled with uncertainty and emotion, and the experience instilled in me a desire to raise awareness. I (like most others) didn’t realise how common Prostate Cancer is, and researching more about it gave me a better understanding of the disease. By sharing my dad’s story, I aim to encourage more men to get checked regularly – as early detection can make a significant difference in treatment and prognosis! It’s crucial to use an initiative like Movember as a platform to inform, educate, and support each other. 

    What have you learned about mental health, and how do you advocate for it more in the workplace? 

    Over the years, my perspective on mental health, especially for men, has certainly changed. Initially, I was among those who kept their emotions bottled up, thinking it was the ‘right’ way to handle things – and I think a lot of men reading this will be able to relate to that. 

    However, I’ve come to realise that opening up and having conversations about our feelings and struggles can benefit us so much. My journey was influenced by the strong network I have around me, which showcased the power of shared understanding. Working in an environment where talking and being open is advocated for also makes a huge difference, and it’s motivated me to lead by example for my team and show them that it’s OK to not be OK. 

    In my personal life (but also at work) I actively encourage people – especially men – to break their silence if they’re struggling with their mental health. If you ever find yourself feeling isolated, I genuinely believe reaching out and sharing your feelings can make the world seem less daunting. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved.

    What are Apsida’s plans for the future?

    Movember will be an initiative that we’ll celebrate annually and we are always looking to elevate our fundraising efforts so we can improve each year. The beauty of Movember is that it’s multifaceted: whether it’s your physical or mental health, suicide or addiction, we can come together as a team and share our personal stories. 

    Within the world of recruitment, we are acutely aware of the mental and physical strain that the job can sometimes bring. So, it’s our job as an organisation to create an environment for employees where they can be their authentic selves and break the stigma surrounding mental health!

    You can access our fundraising page here if you would like to donate towards our fundraising. All donations will go directly to Movember at the end of November 2023.

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