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    Mental Health and Wellness has become a theme of conversation for many businesses over the past two years. The Covid-19 pandemic propelled the importance of mental health into the spotlight, demanding for organisations to look inwards and think about how they are supporting their people. Mental health can be as specific as addressing a mental illness through to daily, weekly, or monthly practices which can positively impact our mental state.

    When Jamie, Michael, and Ben Co-Founded Apsida Life Science, they wanted to focus on a holistic approach to mental health and wellness which could be threaded into the day-to-day lives of the team. 

    Working in recruitment is a mentally challenging role and requires individuals to work on their resilience, emotional intelligence, and also how they approach complex mandates for clients and candidates. 

    Navigating mental health and prioritising wellness can be difficult, no matter what stage you’re at in your career, so the leadership team at Apsida focus on inclusive incremental changes and making them as accessible as possible.

    Although we have put a lot of emphasis on our wellness initiatives, we review what we do on a quarterly basis to keep ourselves accountable, and also ensure that mental health and wellness are prioritised as we look to grow in 2022.


    Here are some of the things that we have been working on:


    Frenches Athletic sponsorship

    We are proud sponsors of Frenches Athletic, a local football team for our UK office in Redhill. Employees at Apsida are welcome to join the team and stay active with us. It’s also been an excellent initiative for new starters who have relocated to Redhill who are still in the process of building their social circle in a new location.


    Healthy snacks in the office

    Food is fuel and crucial for us to perform at our best at work, so we ensure that there are plenty of refreshments and snacks available to everybody in the office. Although we enjoy an ice-cold beer or prosecco from our drinks’ fridge every now and again, balance is key. 


    Free gym clothes

    We believe in feeling good when you work out, but we’re also conscious of the expense that can come with having comfortable gym gear and ensuring you have that to hand at work. We offer free branded gym clothes as well as reusable water bottles for all employees.


    Pause partnership

    Pause are a recently launched community focused on mental health, supporting others, and being a safe space for people to speak up, specifically men who struggle to find people to talk to. We work closely with the team and help with fundraising and generating more awareness across our social media platforms. 


    Extended lunch break for gym use

    Along with providing gym gear for employees, we give everybody the option to take an extended lunch break if they wish to use the gym.


    Flexibility options for all staff members

    Although we are an office-first business, and believe in the importance of cultivating an enjoyable working environment for employees, we also understand the importance of flexibility, whether this is working from home or being able to pick up your children from school. We look for our flexibility to be tailored and fair, without losing the office environment that we all love at Apsida.


    Early finish Friday’s

    Because – who doesn’t want to have the option to finish a little earlier at the end of the week!


    Open culture to talk about stress and wellbeing

    Although structured initiatives are essential to us, our biggest focus from day #1 is creating an open culture where we work together on managing stress as a team and ensuring that we are all looking after our wellbeing. Our board as well as the senior leadership team have a responsibility to emulate these behaviours and ensure that their team feels supported to talk about their mental health and wellbeing at work.


    One-to-one feedback and quarterly surveys

    We are big believers in gathering continuous feedback to improve what we do for our employees, which is why at the end of 2021 we made a commitment to quarterly surveys which encapsulate our training, onboarding, D&I, wellbeing, and culture, so we can do a regular temperature check on how people are feeling (as well as what we can do better).

    We are continually looking for ways we can improve our initiatives to make them inclusive and accessible, and are always open to hearing from potential partners if they would like to work with our organisation.

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