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    As we approach the end of Q4, many of you will be thinking about what your hiring strategy could look like in 2024. 

    There have been many changes this year, and a lot of our clients have had to rethink how they hire and retain talent to accommodate market demands. Preparing for a recruitment drive (no matter how big or small) takes time, and waiting until the new year to assess what your demands are will leave you at risk of falling behind. 

    Equally, relying on the same strategies that you used in 2023 can leave you feeling stagnant and uninspired, especially if the strategies that you worked with generated mediocre results. 

    We have worked closely with a lot of our clients this year on stripping back and refining how they hire, so they can enter 2024 with peace of mind as well as a deeper understanding of their organisations’ needs from a talent acquisition perspective.




    If D&I is a core focus for you in 2024, you will want to assess the following areas as a matter of urgency: 

    Job Descriptions:

    Review all job descriptions, revise the language used as well as redefine each role. Eliminating language that could trigger unconscious bias as well as masculine or feminine terminology will enable your job descriptions to be more neutral. Additionally, you should always look to update your job descriptions annually, as the needs of the business will naturally change over a 12-month period.

    Collect data and assess your needs:

    If you’ve actively been working on your DE&I strategy, you want to ensure that you’re on the pathway to success in the new year, too!

    Collect and analyse the data from the past year and see where your areas for improvement are. This could be gender diversity, demographic diversity, or it could be ethnic diversity – it depends on what your focus has been thus far. You can then communicate these needs with your internal team or external recruitment partner, so they have awareness of what your focus is. It’s important to not overwhelm yourself with too many areas of D&I – start small and ensure that your efforts are continuous throughout the whole year.

    Interview panels:

    Your interview process should be a continuous work in progress, and reviewing this on an annual basis is a great way to give it a refresh. Who is on your current interview panel? Is that representative of the diversity within your organisation? What can you do to make your interview panel more inclusive? These are all great considerations to look at for a 2024 refresh.


    Succession planning always seems to be spoken about, but rarely implemented. We have worked with many clients over the years who understand how valuable succession planning is, but struggle to find the time to sit and map out what their business could look like without external hiring efforts. 2023 forced many organisations to be lean with their hiring, and a lot of budgets were cut – meaning that hiring managers had no other choice but to succession plan!

    Sitting down and figuring out what the internal trajectory of your team/business looks like before the end of the year will enable you to “fill the skills gap” intelligently and strategically. It’ll enable you to be smarter with your hiring budget and also encourage employees internally to take the leap and progress. You may not be able to do an annual succession plan, but at least looking at Q1 and Q2 will give you a great idea of where your team/business is headed. 


    If you’re an organisation that is reliant on a talent partner such as recruitment agencies and executive search firms, you want to ensure that you’re reviewing these on an annual basis as a minimum. Especially within fast-growth businesses, it can be easy to build an extensive list of agencies that may not be delivering any results at all, particularly if hiring managers have the freedom to onboard and partner with agencies without any “red tape”.

    Instilling organisation with your agency partners can take time, but it’s a valuable investment to solidify the longevity of your partnerships, as well as guarantee that the partners you’re bringing with you in 2024 will continuously deliver. 

    A great way to assess this is by looking at the results that each agency has generated: what was their communication like, do you feel aligned with the consultants that you’re working with, and ultimately, are they giving you the quality of candidates that you deserve? Having a set list of key partners takes time to develop, but don’t let your preferred supplier list get out of control.

    We are currently working with a large portion of our client base on their hiring strategies for 2024: what it could look like, how we could help, and assessing where their “blind spots” are. Each of our market specialists is providing in-depth support, so our clients can feel equipped – whatever their hiring needs may be in 2024. 

    To book a call with a specialist consultant, please visit our Meet The Team page and we will gladly assist.

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