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    At Apsida, we are proud to be specialists in Life Sciences recruitment, having accumulated nearly a decade’s worth of expertise from each individual within our Senior Leadership team. 

    Since its inception, Apsida has had firm plans to build on the huge success in Europe and expand its offering across the pond into the USA. We’re fortunate to have a group of vastly experienced recruiters who all have a network which includes America, and so it made sense for us to focus our efforts and build a dedicated team over there.

    We already have an incredible USA team which consists of Matthew Boldeau – our Principal Consultant in DCT and eClinical based out of New York and Jon Orsbourn – Our Vice President of North America who will soon be based from Boston, MA.

    The treatment and technologies that we are seeing over in the USA are incredible; more innovative therapies are coming out of North America than ever before. The majority of the team at Apsida have worked in the USA market at some point in their careers, meaning we are equipped with extensive networks as well as a great joint pool of knowledge to support both Matt and Jon with their long-term plans for expansion in the USA.

    “We have all felt the slight decline over the past 12 months but I feel we are certainly starting to see things stabilise and businesses picking up. The market has shifted to become less candidate-driven and more vacancy driven. Seeing a number of large, well-publicised lay-offs and restructures, new, often smaller businesses are taking every opportunity to take on high-calibre individuals who can deliver immediate value. We have been able to make introductions to several of these businesses and are reaping the benefits of our extended network across the life science and market access space.” – Jon Orsbourn

    “Life Sciences is a superb market to be in. No matter if you’re sourcing or doing business development, we have found that even with huge economic changes over recent years there’s still consistency – especially in the USA. Apsida was built during Covid which has equipped us with a completely different set of skills, which we have taken over into our USA function thus far” – Matt Boldeau


    We are fortunate to partner with a vast array of companies across Biotech, BioPharma and Big Pharma. In addition to this, the eClinical/DCT vendor recruitment team has 20+ years of combined experience which includes our leadership, management teams, and current consultants – all of which still recruit and deliver for our customers actively. 

    We’ve worked with many Consulting companies who needed our support in building their commercial functions and a wide array of CRO’s who utilised our long standing relationships in Clinical operations. Many of our clients are early to mid-stage technology providers and use Apsida because of proven successes in this market and we are confident that whatever our clients’ needs are in that space, we can deliver them success. 

    “It’s exciting that Jon and I are opening up a brand-new business unit in the US. And that we get to be the founding fathers of it. That’s probably the most exciting thing besides the organisation already being full of great talent. We can see things through a different lens – a bigger picture if you will. Boston is a great market too with a ton of opportunity, and it was a no-brainer for us to use that as a base over other Life Sciences hubs in the USA.


    Jon and I have also realized that our physical US presence has proven to be a valuable tool in our efforts to provide the highest level of service to our clients. Travelling to client sites for meetings or meeting them for lunch, allows our relationships with them to grow in a way that teams or Zoom meetings just can’t deliver. It’s given us the chance to build trust, and also gives us the opportunity to communicate the value Apsida can add to their business, more effectively” – Matt

    Apsida has been thriving since inception, and we’re excited to continue our success in the Life Sciences recruitment landscape with our dedicated team in the USA. With our vast experience and deep networks, the team is focused on utilizing their skills and expertise to support both clients and candidates across the Life Sciences in the US and are positioned to make a significant impact.

    Partnering with Apsida means harnessing the positive impact of our expertise, ensuring you secure the best candidates to drive your company’s success in the competitive life sciences market. Contact our US team today to learn more about how they can help you find the best talent for your life sciences company.

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